Best iPhone 11 Wooden Cases in 2020

iPhone 11 is one of the most coveted mobile phones which are available in the market. For the elites and affluent people, iPhone 11 has become one of the best sellers after its launch. But, taking care of such an expensive phone is always a difficult task. Phone accessories like the phone back covers are used to protect the phone from getting damaged.

Lets us visit the reasons as to why should we use the phone back cover on the iPhone:

  • Charges: Don’t you want to protect your iPhone from physical damage? Every time, the phone drops on the floor, an iPhone back cover helps in protecting the iPhone from any mechanical damage.
  • Camera protector: Protection to the lens of the iPhone camera lens as well as to the buttons and keys of the iPhone is due to the phone protector. It increases the durability of the phone, thus making it last longer and increases the value of the phone, with time.
  • Resale Value: Protecting the phone against any form of damage actually reduces the depreciation value. Reducing the amount of depreciation helps in controlling the resale value of the phone from falling too much.
  • Safety from phone insurance: The problem with insurance and claiming them is the reduced amount of successful claims and the hidden terms and conditions. Do you want to base your phone’s safety on the basis of an insurance policy? Instead of deciding on the hit-and-miss policy of insurance, it is suggested to purchase a back cover for your phone that will help you in leveraging the experience of using your phone.
  • Internal protection: Not only the protection of the external parts of the phone but the entire internal parts of the phone remain protected by the phone case. The phone is made up of minute electronic components and the phone cases internalize the protection.

Now, since we have come to know the importance of having a reliable phone case cover, let us have a look at the Best iPhone 11 Wooden Cases.

Best iPhone 11 Wooden Cases

#1. iPhone 11 Case by Case Yard Fit for iPhone 11 6.1-Inch

One of the best iPhone protectors based on the wooden case available is iPhone 11 Case by Case Yard Fit for iPhone 11 6.1-Inch. Providing overall protection along with accessible buttons and controls, the phone case is built exactly to fit perfectly the iPhone 11. The design is built in order to protect the iPhone from any form of shocks. The shock absorption is an added feature that makes it very unique. Effective shock absorption at the corners is the feature that makes it stand out from its competitors. The durability and the life-line of the iPhone are increased due to the iPhone 11 Case by Case Yard Fit.


  • The iPhone perfectly fits into the iPhone cover.
  • Quality and appearance of the product is extremely high-class
  • The weight of the phone case is very less, thus making it easier to carry.


  • Not available for other products of the iPhone.

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#2. B BELK iPhone 11 Case 6.1 Inch 

B BELK iPhone 11 Case 6.1 Inch protects your iPhone 11 by keeping it encased within itself during the sudden drop from your pockets. Made of wood, the product fits exactly the size of your phone, thus allowing you to take proper care of the device. The cover provides a cushion for the mobile phone and it prevents the phone from any mechanical damage. The cover is very light-weighted and its surface structure is filled with ridges and curves, which makes it easy to hold the device.


  • Easier to carry since it is light in weight
  • The grips on the cover of the phone prevents it from slipping.
  • Protects the screen as well as the internal components of the phone.
  • Highly flexing material along with the sleekest phone back cover.


  • The range of products in which it can be used is very narrow.

#3. YFWOOD Compatible for iPhone 11 Case 6.1 inch

Easier to carry and smudge-free, YFWOOD Compatible for iPhone 11 Case 6.1 inch, is the back cover for iPhone 11 which gives excellent protection to iPhone 11. Made up of combined material of wood and TPU, the flexibility of the back cover makes it easily fit into various iPhones. The protector is very thin and size as well as highly absorbent when it comes to cushioning against shocks and falls. The cover has creases that make holding the phone cover easier, thus making it easier to hold the phone, preventing it to slip between your fingers.


  • Since the item is made of real wood, it keeps you very close to the natural and gives a realistic feeling
  • Doesn’t slip from the hands, since the case has ridges.
  • Easier to carry due to its thin weight
  • The flexibility of the cover is commendable
  • Corners of the phone cover have extra protection


  • No protection is provided for the screen.

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#3. JUBECO iPhone 11 Case Wood

With the differentiated wooden structure and an excellent grip for handling the phone, JUBECO iPhone 11 Case Wood is the perfect phone back cover. Providing enhanced protection against any mechanical damage, the screen of the phone is protected as well  due to the raised corners of the iPhone protector. The phone is protected from all 350 degrees, thus making it one of the best products and accessories to purchase for saving your iPhone.


  • The grip of the phone is very sturdy due to its round edge
  • Coverage and protection of the screen from all four directions.
  • Precisely carved design of the back cover of the phone.
  • Easier handling of the back cover.


  • No problems were reported regarding product quality.

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#4. iATO iPhone 11 Wood Case

With an eco-friendly touch, iATO iPhone 11 Wood Case, aims to create an enriching experience for its users who use iPhone 11. With a unique design, that fits the entire iPhone into the cover, the wooden case is very light-weight and is inappropriate for any kind of rough use. The product is a flexible one, that offers high durability and strength, thus giving all-round protection to your iPhone 11. Feasibility with which the buttons and displays can be used in the phone makes iATO iPhone 11 Wood Case very unique and easy to use.


  • Style of the phone protector is authentic and trendy
  • You can grip the phone very easily due to the creases.
  • Use of wood, making the product recyclable in nature.
  • Quality of the product is very commendable.
  • The product is suitable across all age groups and genders.


  • Compatibility of the phone cover with other models of iPhone devices are not good.

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Bottom line

Selecting the right wooden case for iPhone 11 is always a difficult task. In this article about Best iPhone 11 Wooden Cases, we have listed down our collection of the best wooden cases. Based on your utility and budget, you can always select the best one. Selecting the best wooden case helps in providing rigidity and strength to the product and also makes the iPhone last longer than expected. We expect that you can find the product that suits your iPhone the best. Do write to us about your experience with the iPhone wooden cases!

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